7 Things New Zealand is Famous For

7 Things New Zealand is Famous For


The Maori name for New Zealand is ‘Aotearoa’ which means land of the long white clouds. There are many interesting things about New Zealand, and many famous things to come out of this wonderful land. Here are some interesting facts about New Zealand and 7 things New Zealand is famous for….


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1   Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is produced by bees foraging on the flowers of the Manuka tree, a very special tree that only grows in New Zealand. Researchers and doctors a have found that Manuka honey has bioactive healing properties. It has been found to be effective at boosting the body’s immune system, healing wounds, treating skin infections, sore throats and digestive problems and many other things.


Manuka honey can be found just about anywhere in New Zealand, in supermarkets, health stores and tourist shops.


2   Sheep

New Zealand is home to 29 million sheep. Sheep farms are everywhere in New Zealand. The South Island has the most due to it’s drier conditions and rugged landscape. The merino sheep and wool industry finds it’s home here.

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3  Wine

There are over 10 wine regions spread throughout New Zealand, most located on the coastlines of the East.  New Zealand is most famous for it’s Sauvignon Blanc and more recently it’s Pinot Noir. New Zealand wines are world renowned, and almost 90% of wine produced in New Zealand is exported.


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4  Lord of the Rings

Ever since ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ movies were released, New Zealand bacme known as ‘Middle Earth’. The amazing backdrop of scenery from these movies attracts visitors across the globe. You can visit Hobbiton and take tours to discover filming locations.


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5  Kiwifruit

Don’t come to New Zealand and say you enjoy eating ‘Kiwis” because that means that you eat the endangered flightless bird that is the country’s icon.  New Zealanders call the fruit “kiwifruit”, kiwi birds and kiwifruit are similar in appearance; roundish, brown and fuzzy.

The kiwifruit is one of New Zealand’s major horticultural exports. The kiwifruit originated from China and was developed into a commercial product. The Bay of Plenty is Kiwi fruit country and is the best place to take a tour of a Kiwifruit farm.


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6  Rugby

The All Blacks are the national team and have made New Zealand famous for Rugby. Rugby is a way of New Zealand life and is played at all levels, from primary school to international.


Get a taste of the New Zealand rugby spirit and go to a rugby game and experience the exciting atmosphere of the grandstand. Or, head to a sports bar or pub and take in a great atmosphere and Kiwi culture.


7  Haka

Haka is a traditional war dance or challenge that is an integral part of Maori culture. Haka was originally performed before a battle to intimidate the enemy and is also used as part of welcome ceremonies and other special events. Haka is performed by New Zealand and other Pacific nations’ rugby teams at the beginning of matches. The best place to experience Haka is in Rotorua, the Maori cultural center of New Zealand. Rotorua is New Zealand’s first bilingual city, many residents speak both New Zealand’s official languages (English and Te Reo Maori).

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