7 Secrets to Cheap Destination Weddings

7 Secrets to Cheap Destination Weddings

Cheap destination weddings don’t have to look cheap.  Did you know that you can have a very lavish but affordable celebration for much less than what you would have spent on a traditional local marriage.

Try something memorable for your special day!  Keep reading to discover how!



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Location, Location, Location

Location is a huge factor in price. By choosing destinations that not only offer affordable destination wedding packages, but are inexpensive to travel to, you will save a lot! The most inexpensive destination wedding locations are Mexico, Jamaica and Hawaii.

The industry is so big that many large resorts have designed a variety of cheap destination weddings and packages fit for all budgets. The close proximity to the continental U.S. also makes travel more affordable.

Trimmed down guest list

One big benefit of destination weddings is that you get to invite as many or as few people you want.  You don’t have to invite all your co-workers, cousins-twice-removed, or acquaintances you might feel obligated to during a traditional ceremony close to home. Who wants to pay $100 per person for 250 of your closest strangers to come to your wedding? This is YOUR day!


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Combined Honeymoon

While you normally have to spend a few extra thousand dollars on your honeymoon, that isn’t so with a destination wedding – you are already in paradise, so no extra plane ticket, hotel stays, you are already there!

Take The Bahamas, for instance; destination weddings are executed to perfection, and you have over 700 islands to choose from.  Get married at 1 amazing island, and if you want to travel to another location, it is just a short distance to another for a dream honeymoon.

Minimal Décor

Planning cheap destination weddings is easy when the setting is so stunning that you don’t even need decorations! When you get married in your hometown, think of how much money is spent on flowers. But in paradise you won’t need expensive flowers to cover up your venue. Just enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean, mountains, or the exotic blooms of an outdoor garden – you will save a ton of money!


Timing, Timing, Timing

Pssss….. want to know another secret to planning cheap destination weddings?  Set your date as close to the off-peak season as possible. Do research to find out what their peak season is – and avoid it at all costYour travel team agent can do this for you – call 1-800-788-0829 to speak to a destination wedding specialist and we will help you!


Use Your Group As Leverage

Major resorts and airlines are all competing for your business because by booking just one ‘away wedding’ will bring them a big group of 15-75 people.  That is big money for them with little effort.  YOU HAVE THE LEVERAGE here….. Ask for group discounts and get as many perks as you can for bringing them all that business. Your travel team agent can help you with this too, of course, call 1-800-788-0829 and let us get you the best value for your buck.



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