7 Amazing Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

7 Amazing Places to Spend New Year’s Eve


Now is the time to plan your New Year’s Vacation. We put together a list of amazing destinations that have a reputation of having great New Years’ Eve traditions and parties. Read on to decide to where to go for your New Years’s vacation…


1   Sydney

Sydney, Australia is the 1st international city to greet New Years. Sydney has a major fireworks display at the Sydney Harbor. There are many parks on either side that offer spectacular views.


2  Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a dramatic skyline to see the fireworks. The fireworks display illuminate the Victoria Harbor and are set to music. You can also see the celebration from many Hon Kong hotels. Crowds start to gather a few hours early for theater, circus and dance performances.


3   Bangkok

Bangkok tops the list of Asia’s best nightlife cities. If you like noise, and crowds, and of course fun, it’s a natural place to ring in the new year. Central World Plaza, which is the times square of Bangkok, is one of the main gathering spots for celebrations. Another popular gathering spot is the Asiatique shopping and entertainment area along the Chao Phraya River.


4   Dubai

Besides having the world’s tallest building, people gather at the footsteps to welcome a new year with an amazing fireworks show. You can also check out Burj Plaza, which is a little quieter and popular with families.


5   Moscow

Moscow, Russia’s beautiful capital city, is one of those destinations that truly makes the perfect winter holiday destination thanks to the snowy weather which guarantees a “winter wonderland” atmosphere. In Red Square you can see one of the most fantastic fireworks display. The Ritz Carlton is another great place to celebrate, it has a roof top bar you can enjoy the festivities.


6   Cape Town


Cape Town, South Africa as earned a reputation for being a major player in New Years Eve celebrations. The weathers mild, almost “summer” like, the city’s incredible, the nightlife and dining options fantastic and the beaches are beautiful. Cape Town is one of the most beautifully cities in Africa — and the world. New Year’s Eve fireworks make it all the more spectacular. View the fireworks from Cape Point, which is positioned at the south-western end of Africa. It’s such a great place to admire mostly because of its fantastic allure and rugged appeal.


7   London

London is one of the best places in the world to be for New Year celebrations. the capital is fully prepared with loads of New Year’s Eve parties and events.. But remember, the fun doesn’t stop on Monday December 31 2018. Spend a leisurely New Year’s Day at one of London’s lovely attractions, take a refreshing walk around the city or recuperate over a long brunch or roast lunch.