6 Reasons Why You Should Book with a Travel Agent

6 Reasons Why You Should Book with a Travel Agent

There is always 1 secret weapon to ensuring you get a good deal – using a Travel Agent. Here is 6 reasons why you should book through an agent for your next big vacation.


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1. We will get you the lowest price possible.

Travel agents have experience and tricks that you may not have heard of to make sure you get the lowest rates; it takes the stress off of you when searching, and there is no additional cost when you use a Travel Team Agent.


2. We have better connections than the Internet.

Travel Agents have resources and connections that the internet does not. We know how to upgrade your trip to make sure you get the most discounted rates.


3. Agents have got the most “pull” with hotels.

We also have relationships with hotels and cruise lines that allow us to look out for you and find you the best deals. Hotels are careful to keep travel agents and their clients happy so they will continue to book with them in the future. A hotel can easily tell a person ‘No’, but there is a bigger incentive to turn that No into a Yes when dealing with Travel Agents.


4. Our specialty is finding group discounts.

If you are planning a big corporate trip or wedding, it is best to let travel agents do they work for you. We research the best deals for multiple people, find coupons when needed, and try our best to upgrade your suite or hotel to make sure you have the best experience possible. The time saved alone in researching on your own can be days.


5. We will rebook a flight for you.

Let’s say your flight gets cancelled unexpectedly, or you are really unhappy with your rental car.

Don’t fear, your travel agent is here! Travel agents not only save you time, but if the unexpected ever happens, rest assured you have a safety net and can sometimes get extra help regarding cancelled flights that you would not be able to.


6. They can find the best cruises and cruise activities for you.

Need help finding a cruise ASAP, or booking the perfect cabin, or finding those off-the-boat excursions? Travel agents are specialists at navigating the cruise-planning activities like a pro, and we are usually the first to find out the best deals on cruises or activities.


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