5 Ways to Cut Travel Costs

5 Ways to Cut Travel Costs

Who doesn’t want to save on travel costs! We show you some examples of ways you can save money, you could save more or less depending on your route and other factors. Read on to see these great tips:



1    Save $50 (or more) on bag fees


Use the right bag: A checked-bag on most U.S. airlines will usually cost at least $25 each-way; use a carry-on and save $50.

Know your airline’s policy: Airlines in the U.S. and around the world have different policies. By knowing what airlines have extra fees or costs, you can save big by avoiding or preparing ahead of time.


For example, take advantage of Airlines with free-checked bags: Southwest offers FREE checked bags on domestic and international flights, and some big airlines may offer free checked bags on certain flights. Check the airline’s policy to be certain.

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2   Save $75 (or more) by comparing airfares


Comparing flights, doesn’t everyone do this? Remember, no airline has the best deals all the time, compare fares on different airlines. Remember, you can have a travel team agent search for your flight, we are able to find you the lowest rates. Tailor-Made Journeys at Internet Prices Travel Team 1-800-788-0829.


If you had compared fares, you maybe could have found a flight on American for just a dollar more, and American does not charge for carry-ons while Spirit charges for all bags. Compare and save.


3   Save nearly $80 (or more) flying cheaper days


On U.S. domestic flights, the cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and the cheapest for international flights typically tend to be midweek dates (Note: these are estimates and are subject to change). For domestic travel, the most expensive flights are usually Friday and Sunday.  For international travel, weekends and Sundays are higher.

Moral: You may save more or less depending on the route and other variables.



4    Save $120 (or more) by flying from cheaper airports

Save on airfare by comparing airports in the same area. The cheapest airfares may come from a different airport in the same area; for example, LAX serving greater Los Angeles and the smaller Burbank airport. You can find cheaper fares by sometimes using an alternate airport if you have that option.


5    Save $300 (or more) by adding a stop to the flight

There is value in convenience, and also savings if you are flexible. Flights that fly non-stop are typically going to be more than a flight that has a stop. Popular routes are non-stop and airlines know this, and we pay more. If you can endure the inconvenience of a longer travel day, you might save a lot of money.  Ask your travel team agent to find the right flight for you by calling 1-800-788-0829.


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