5 Wacky (and Free) Things to Do on Your Australia Vacation

5 Wacky (and Free) Things to Do on Your Australia Vacation


From the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney Bridge, the land down under is packed with exciting experiences. Try getting away from the typical tourist sites and  explore some of the less touristy things; you can get a better sense of Australian culture, plus unique memories and wonderful stories to tell your friends! On your next Australia vacation, try these wacky, fun and FREE things to do:



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Staircase to the Moon in Broome

Between March and October each year, when natural conditions are just right, visitors to Australia’s North West region are witness to a natural spectacle – the Staircase to the Moon. Staircase to the Moon is a rare phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay and create a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. The Staircase to the Moon happens two to three days a month between March and October, and Town Beach celebrates the occasion with markets selling local produce, handmade products, and a variety of international food, as well as local entertainers. Another popular spot to view the event is at The Mangrove Hotel Resort, which has live entertainment every Staircase night.


Vivid Sydney Festival

During May, Vivid Sydney is a 23-day festival of light, music, and ideas held in Sydney each year. Featuring a mesmerizing free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a cutting-edge contemporary music program, this festival is great for all ages. Vivid hosts some of the world’s most important creative industry forums and, of course, the spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails. Watch the city become transformed into a nighttime wonderland through large-scale illuminations, laser lightshows, and 3D-mapped projections.


Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

This coastal walk is the most famous, well-traversed track in Sydney. This scenic hiking trail passes between two of Australia’s best-known beaches, Bondi and Bronte, with spectacular beaches, parks, and lookout points along the way. Here you will find the South Pacific Ocean on one side, with waters rolling against a shoreline of coves and beaches extending south from Bondi to La Perouse, on to the entrance to Botany Bay.


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Alice Springs Camel Cup

During July, The Apex Camel Cup is a quirky, annual event which attracts visitors to Alice Springs from all over the world.

When the starter gun blasts, a dozen camels take off on a 30-second sprint for glory. Racing the camels can prove a nightmare for riders and handlers, but is quite a sight to see! See nine unique races scheduled thru the day, and between races there are belly dancers, hobby camel races, Mr and Miss Camel Cup challenges, food stalls, bars & more! You’ve never seen anything like this!


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