5 Things Passengers Should Never Do

5 Things Passengers Should Never Do

If you have ever had the pleasure of speaking with airline pilots and crew, there are always some interesting stories and good travel tips. For most pilots, it is truly enjoyable to serve passengers – for the very few who make their jobs difficult, it is probably because the very few did not follow basic rules. Read 5 things passengers should never do and make your next trip their pleasure…

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Do Not Roam The Cabin

When the crew tells you to stay put, heed their advice. Once on-board, you cannot get off, and if you try, you may find yourself escorted off, by law enforcement! Just relax and listen to the crew, they have your safety and enjoyment in mind.

Do NOT mess with the crew

Passengers who mess with flight attendants and other members of airline crews generally regret it; they get kicked off flights, arrested and even jailed. Examples of this happening are events such as a passenger who made sexist remarks to a flight attendant during a safety demo was reportedly ordered off the flight.

Do NOT overindulge in alcohol

It is rare that too much alcohol brings the best out in anyone. Crew and pilots have seen abusive and threatening behavior after imbibing in too much drink. Save yourself, and others the hassle, and limit your alcohol when flying.

Do NOT unbuckle your seatbelt

This is strictly a safety precaution because of turbulence. Most pilots fly around turbulence-causing storms, but, clear air turbulence cannot be detected visually or by conventional weather radar. Those who aren’t buckled up during turbulence can and do get hurt.

Do NOT make a pilot get out of the cockpit!

Many people heard about the 25 year old passenger who was shoving a flight attendant, which then prompted an American Airlines pilot to have to tackle the passenger, the entire ordeal wound up on the internet and the passenger ended up in court. There is no need to provoke anyone to the point they have to leave their cockpit to deal with an unruly passenger, it’s just not safe.

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