5 Reasons To Take a River Cruise

5 Reasons To Take a River Cruise

Most people are familiar with the big Ocean Cruise liners, but River Cruises have become the latest trend. Here are 5 pretty awesome reasons to take a River Cruise:


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Location, location and even more locations…

Your cruise will take you to many different towns, cities and countries, where you can discover new cultures as you sample the tradition and cuisines of the region. Drift through gorgeous towns and villages, visiting beautiful cathedrals, churches and cafes. Docking stations are close to the towns you visit, so no getting lost or having to endure long transfers when experiencing the different places.


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Smaller ships = more personal attention

Most everyone has seen those large ocean liners that accommodate thousands of passengers in one voyage; River cruises tend to be a lot smaller and more intimate. Aboard River Cruises it’s easier to make friends on-board, and staff can pay more attention to you than they would with more passengers. Some ships, depending on the operator, even have personal butler service. Enjoy room service on the balcony while sipping a cocktail, among other luxury services, such as having your clothes freshly washed each day. Guests can also expect the evening entertainment on-board to be inspired by the culture of the port they have visited that day.

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Luxurious surroundings

Modern river boats contain restaurants, Wi-Fi, spas, open bar, a gym, butler service, balconies and even a swimming pool – all within 50 feet of your door. It is like being aboard a luxury hotel with spectacular views you can’t see in just any old restaurant or hotel.

Gourmet food and service

Want something different from the run-of-the-mill buffet? During a river cruise – you can sit down, relax and order your food without having to lift a finger. After a long day sailing and exploring the cities, you get to enjoy multi-course gourmet meals prepared with local ingredients. Don’t forget about extensive wine lists, with fine red wines from France and fruity white wines from Italy.

Chefs prefer to choose home-made dishes from the country they are docking in that day, so you can experience the food culture from country you are in – anything from Hungarian Goulash to Danish cheese platters

Relaxation and rejuvenation

River Cruises typically offer a spacious and cozy lounge area so you can sit back and enjoy a cocktail whilst taking in the magical views of the river banks. Cruising on a river is great to unwind on your private balcony or mingle with other guests. It is all about going at your own pace, whether you are relaxing on the deck taking in the sights, or having a few drinks over dinner with friends.


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