5 Essential Tips for Summer & Holiday Getaways

5 Essential Tips for Summer & Holiday Getaways
These five practical tips that will help make your journey as painless as possible.

1. Look for Last Minute Deals

For those who don’t have tickets yet.

  • Ask a Travel Team Agent for ideas: If you don’t have tickets yet, call a Travel Team Agent. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a thing, and you will save alot of stress.
  • Look for weekend deals: Keep an eye out for those Travel Team Newsletters, often we have great deals that you will get inside access to by subscribing to our weekly getaway deals; check the Travel Team website for specials.

2. Pack Small, Pack Light

Checked bag fees typically run $25 one-way.

  • Use a carry-on: Most airlines don’t charge for carry-ons but that’s just a bonus; the real reason to use a carry-on for a weekend getaway is so the bag does not get lost. Missing bags are rare but it happens and if luggage goes missing for a day or so there goes your entire weekend.

3. Don’t Be Late

Airports will be crowded and this is partly because of security staff shortages; airlines recommend arriving two hours before departure for domestic flights and three hours ahead for international trips. That said, you may get through security in plenty of time only to discover the flight has been delayed anyway. These airports may require extra patience for one reason or another:

  • U.S. airports with high delay rates (January to March): San Francisco, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, Dallas (DFW).
  • International airports on a recent list of the world’s worst: Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport, Islamabad, Ho Chi Minh City, Caracas and Nepal’s Kathmandu

4. Know the Security Rules

Every little delay adds time to already too-long lines.

  • Follow the rules: Carrying a bottle of water as you approach the security checkpoint? Throw it away (but keep the bottle to refill later). Get ID and boarding passes out in advance. In U.S. airports, take your shoes off and pull laptops and toiletries out of bags before you’re told to do it.

5. Power Up, Two Ways

  • Charge devices before leaving home: Power up and fill up –  phones can die unexpectedly, so print out boarding passes at airport kiosks even if it’s already on a phone or tablet. Keep charger cords on your person or in a carry-on; electronic devices will make delays more pleasant. So will food.
  • Power breakfast, power lunch: Power yourself up by bringing a snack or something more substantial from home. Granola bar, an apple, or yogurt make great healthy on the go snacks. Pick something with protein to stay fuller longer.

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