5 Annoying Travel Problems & How To Fix Them

5 Annoying Travel Problems (& How to Fix Them)

Traveling is fun and exciting, but when things go wrong it can be a real pain.  Some common and annoying travel problems are unexpected delays, miscommunication, or just forgetting to bring important items with you. Instead of becoming frustrated and mad, here are some simple solutions to almost anything. Here are 5 annoying travel problems that people often face and 5 easy solutions….


Lost Documents

Losing your driver’s license or passport is stressful in any circumstance, but pretty stressful when you are far from home. It is easy to panic if you don’t know what to do. To make sure this doesn’t happen, make digital copies. Scan all of your documents, passport, identification, which will help you if you ever need to have them replaced. By having a backup copy of these stored in your email will give you a head start should this ever happen to you.
*Tip: Contact the US Embassy if you lose your passport in a foreign country.


Forgotten Toiletries

We always forget something even if it is as simple as a toothbrush. Besides stocking up on toothbrushes at the dollar store and stashing them in your bag, you can always ask the hotel front desk. Most hotels have a stash of toiletries; from toothbrushes, floss, and more… you just have to ask. The worst they can say is no.


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Road Trip Hygiene

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Road trips are fun, but it isn’t always fun to not tell when you will be able to take your next shower. Here is an easy solution… get a gym membership at a big chain like 24 hour fitness or LA fitness. You will have access to locker rooms and showers everywhere you go. Not sure if where you are traveling has chain gyms along the way? Bring baby wipes, or better yet, full body bathe wipes. Worried about greasy hair? Baby powder works great for taking the shine out of unwashed hair, just make sure to bring a brush and brush your roots out!


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Hidden charges

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Is there anything more annoying than hidden charges? The time you rented a car for $15 a day and somehow the final bill was $250? Some hotels charge for things like pets, mini bar items, and internet, even though cheap hotels offer it for free. One way to get around this is to complain about it. Don’t overdo it, be polite. You might be able to get some charges knocked off and at the very worst, they can say no. It beats not saying anything and getting stuck with charges.

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Long lines


There are going to be long lines at ticketing, security or traffic. Look at traffic beforehand at Google Maps, at least you will be able to see how bad the traffic is and leave early. The best approach is to be aware of what is going on and being early.


But sometimes you simply can’t avoid lines. If this happens, be proactive. Call the airline to let them know you are stuck in traffic, or call your travel team agent at 1-800-788-0829, we might be able to get you on another flight or help out in another way.


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