15 Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad

15 Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad


There are so many exciting things to consider when traveling abroad. It is never fun to forget to pack something or to do that important thing and realize it after you are away from home. Before you go on any international trip, use this handy guide to help you remember what  you need to do before your trip:


1. Make sure you have a valid passport.

If you have a passport, check the expiration date of your passport and whether there are any blank pages remaining. Make sure to check that your passport does not expire less than six months before your return date (some countries will not allow entry if your passport expiration date is less than 6 months before your departure date).  Make sure there are still blank pages left in your passport for entry and exit stamps. If you have any questions, your Travel Team Agent can help you find answers, click here to contact an agent or call 1-800-788-0829

If you don’t have a passport yet and are thinking of traveling abroad in the near future, make sure you apply for a passport as far in advance as possible.

2. Check visa requirements.

Check to see if the country you are traveling to requires a visa. Ask your Travel Team Agent for more information about travel visas, call 1-800-788-0829

3. Research whether you need vaccines or malaria pills. 

Visit your closest travel clinic to get any vaccines you need for your destination.  In addition to vaccines, you might need malaria pills or a yellow fever shot depending on where you are traveling. If you are unsure, ask a Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829.


4. If you plan on driving, get an International Driving Permit.

If you plan to rent a car, you might need an International Driving Permit.

5. Purchase a travel adaptor if needed.

You may need an adaptor to use electronics in other countries; research this to find out and bring an adaptor if you find out you will need it.


6. Apply for travel credit cards and debit cards.

Check with your credit card company to see if your credit card charges foreign fees if you use your card abroad. If you don’t have a credit card for overseas travel, consider opening up one. Some have no foreign transaction fees and you might be able to earn double miles on travel purchases! Ideally you should have 2 credit and debit cards in case one is lost or stolen.


7. Let your bank know your travel plans.

Make sure to contact all banks that have issued your credit, debit and ATM cards and let them know of your travel plans and where you are going.  If you do not let your bank know you will be traveling abroad, when they see foreign charges they could put a hold on your account for suspicious activity.

8. Make sure you have travel insurance.

Check to see if your travel insurance covers you abroad.  If not, research and purchase travel insurance before leaving your country.  You can purchase medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance and more.  Ask your Travel Team Agent for more information about travel insurance, call 1-800-788-0829

9.  Research options for calling home.

Are you able to use your cell phone data and texting when traveling abroad? Before you travel, call your provider to check prices to call, text and use data from abroad.  You might be able to sign up for an international plan to lower costs.

10. Print and share itinerary and hotel, flight and other confirmations and make a copy of your passport and visa.

It is a good idea to print a hard copy of your flight and hotel e-mail confirmations, this way you are able to pull up your information in the event you don’t have wi-fi or data on your phone. Plus, it is good to have a paper version of your confirmations in case an immigration officer requests a copy of your plans.

11. Register with your embassy or consulate.

Register with your embassy or consulate – this will let your government know where you are in case of an emergency.


12.  Pay or schedule any bills due while you are abroad.

If you are planning to travel for a short time, you might want to schedule to pay any bills that are due while you are gone. This way you don’t miss a payment because you aren’t checking e-mail as often.

13. Put a hold on mail.

If you are gone for over a week, contact your post office to hold your mail.


14.  Download books, movies or apps on your phone, e-reader and computer.

You might need entertainment for the flight and travel so why not download any books, movies, reading material or apps you need on your smartphone, e-reader and computer before you leave. Some apps even allow you to read or watch your material offline so you don’t need to use data.

15. Check your packing list to make sure you have all essentials.

Put together and check your packing list, in case you need to purchase anything before your trip.  Make sure you fill your prescriptions and bring copies as well. Determine how much money you will exchange and how much to bring as well as local places to change your currency. Check your packing list to make sure you have everything and in case you need to purchase anything additional.


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