13 Ways To Save on New Zealand Travel

13 Ways To Save on New Zealand Travel


Who wouldn’t want to visit New Zealand? The amazing mountains, beaches, wildlife and fascinating Maori culture make it a dream destination for many. To save on travel and help make your dream vacation a reality, read these tips on how to save money on your New Zealand vacation….


  1. Choose the right time to travel. New Zealand’s seasons are the reverse of the seasons in the United States. The busiest travel season runs during New Zealand’s summer, December through February. During this time, both locals and visitors travel to the country’s most popular sights, and prices rise for everything. Visit during the spring, fall, or the winter in New Zealand to save money.
  2. Choose your focus. New Zealand may not look like a big country, but if you plan on seeing everything, only staying a week or two just won’t be enough. For limited time or budget, just concentrate on either the North Island or the South Island, not both.
  3. Choose an airport. Most sales on airfares leave from Los Angeles or San Francisco. If you don’t live near one of these airports, ask a Travel Team Agent to book you a cheap flight to get you to and from California; call 1-800-788-0429 for details.
  4. Watch the exchange rates. The changes and fluctuations in currency can affect the prices of air and trips. Keep an eye out for the exchange rates so you can save when the US dollar is strongest.
  5. Use plastic. Most hotels, restaurants, tour operators and shops in New Zealand accept credit cards. You can pay for most of your trip without any extra fees is you use a card that doesn’t charge fees for foreign transactions.
  6. Cash or exchange counter? Use your ATM card to make withdrawals instead of changing your dollars at exchange counter. You can usually save 2 – 5 percent better than the rates you’ll find at the counter.
  7. To tip or not to tip. Tipping is not normally customary in New Zealand, so you don’t need to leave anything extra unless the service was truly exemplary. Leave about 5 – 10 percent if you really want to tip.
  8. Freebies. There are plenty of free attractions to enjoy in New Zealand. It costs nothing to hike in most national parks, visit a North Island beach, Rotorua Lakefront or walk thru gardens in Queenstown. Auckland has an Art Gallery that is free to enter and Wellington‘s Te Papa museum is free as well. Ask your Travel Team Agent for ideas of attractions that are free by calling 1-800-788-0829.
  9. Get a city pass. Auckland and Wellington offer discount passes that you can use to get into multiple city attractions for one price that’s cheaper than the cost of individual admission. Ask a Travel Team Agent to look into this for you by calling 1-800-788-0829.
  10. Travel during less popular seasons. By traveling when others aren’t, you can save money. One of New Zealand’s most popular activities is a scenic cruise on Milford Sound. Avoid times that are less crowded.  Always ask a Travel Team Agent for the best times to travel by calling 1-800-788-0829.
  11. Get on the bus. You can save money by riding New Zealand’s local buses, which offer inexpensive rides to a network of destinations around the country.
  12. Go to the grocery store. Be like a local and get most of your food from grocery stores instead of restaurants. Grab some bread, yogurt and fruit for a quick picnic lunch. If your accommodation has a kitchen, use it to cook meals for yourself instead of going to resteraunts.
  13. Go to Happy Hour. Alcohol can be pricey in New Zealand, but many bars and pubs offer happy hours with bargain-priced drinks.


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