12 Ways to Improve Your Next Trip

12 Ways to Improve Your Next Trip

When you work with a Travel Team Agent, your trip will be special. Why? We give personal attention, offer unique opportunities, have knowledge of the destination you want to travel to, we evaluate what you want to see and do, and can create the perfect itinerary for your needs. When working with the Travel Team you will get:


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  1. A private, personalized itinerary

Our itineraries include top accommodations and experiences. Some trips have guides and drivers, and these guides are very knowledgeable and are wonderfully accommodating. You can get an insider’s knowledge of where to go and the best time to go by asking these guides (when available).

  1. Flexibility: The traveler ‘You’ call the shots all day every day

Everything is tailored to your interests. Decide to travel at a pace that works for you. You can decide whether to have a trip accompanied by a guide and/or a driver, or whether you want to spend time on your own. Our travel agents are always ready to help you and can help prepare you if weather or something unexpected requires a change. Choose from escorted and guided tours, to designing your own independent vacation, as we offer extraordinary planning and expertise.



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  1. VIP treatment at check-in

Ask about VIP treatment at check in. Some packages and tours offer a meet and greet, transfers from the airport and more. It can sometimes be the difference of not having to stand in line to having a concierge greet you. Services will vary depending on destination and hotel; ask you Travel Team Agent for details.

  1. Hand-picked hotel rooms

We can help choose the perfect room for you based on your needs. By working with a Trusted Travel Team Agent, we can find out the most desirable room for you, and check if a particular room is available. We try to make sure the hotel and room selected for you is perfect (availability may vary).  

  1. Special dining arrangements

If you have certain food preferences, make sure to tell your Travel Team Agent. Often, we have special relationships with some of the lodges and hotels you stay at. Let us tell you the best places to eat or check to see if a hotel serves a particular type of food that you like. Make it known what you need and we will do our best to arrange this for you.

  1. Visits with locals from all walks of life

Some vacations include in home dining with a local family in the region.  In certain vacation packages in Australia for example, you might be treated to a fabulous home-cooked meal, while learning about stories in the outback and other important history lessons. Or maybe visit a private rainforest sanctuary in Costa Rica, where you may meet many resident animals. Or explore on your own to interact with the locals, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Access to places that are off-limits to the public

Many of the must-see sights in certain regions may be filled with crowds. When traveling on a tour, sometimes special access can be arranged to avoid the crowds or see things not generally open to the public (ask your Travel Team Agent for details).



Contact a Travel Team Agent for more information or to plan your trip at 1-800-788-0829

  1. Guides with specific expertise

During a trip with a guide, your guide will have specific expertise. Guides can assist you in telling you the best place to take a selfie to helping you learn the local customs and etiquette of the region.

  1. Meaningful experiences where you give back to the community you’re visiting

Trip guides often have deep relationships and connections in the countries where they live and operate.  Certain trips allow opportunities to interact with the local community, ask your Travel Team Agent for details. While helping others and engaging in the local community, you may just learn a new skill, custom or some new words!

  1. Transportation shortcuts and efficient logistics

Some trips cover a lot of territory in a short time. Having a trip guide or advanced knowledge of local transportation options and obstacles is invaluable. Ask your Travel Team Agent for any tips or advisories before traveling to certain destinations. For instance in some countries, the locals may advise that you book a driver ahead of time rather than rely on a taxi.  These small tips may save you from inconveniences such as discovering getting a taxi is more expensive than or not as easy as it seems in some places.

  1. Addressing the unexpected

Sometimes not everything goes as planned. Your Travel Team Agent is here to assist you with any issue. Ask about options or what to do if a flight gets delayed or someone gets sick. We have the answers, just don’t hesitate to ask. It is better to plan ahead than to wait until the last minute.

  1. Help is only a phone call or email away

If you find yourself with questions while traveling, call or email your Travel Team Agent. We are here to assist you, answer any questions you may have or to resolve any issues you may encounter.


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