12 Reasons To Visit The Islands Of Tahiti

12 Reasons To Visit The Islands Of Tahiti

Tahiti is stunning; The Islands of Tahiti are 118 islands across five archipelagos —across two million square miles of the South Pacific. To get the full experience from The Islands of Tahiti, try to venture beyond the bungalow. Here’s why…



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  1. Mana, what is it, well you will find out

It is hard to define what is Mana butt you’ll know it when you sense it. The beat of the Maohi tribal drums, or sweet scent of the vanilla, or the soft kiss of the trade winds on your skin. There is a spirit that connects you to something much greater than yourself. It is the lack of a filter between you and nature, It’s Mana, and you’ll want more of it.

  1. Your wakeup call is sunrise and you won’t hit snooze

The Islands of Tahiti are not as far away as you think, it’s a short 8-hour flight from Los Angeles to the capital city of Papeete. The islands are in the same time zone as Hawaii so no jet lag. You can leave the States at night and arrive the next morning in Tahiti.

  1. There is more to Tahiti than just the beach

You’ll want to explore the wild side of these islands. Take a 4×4 safari through lush rain forests, see old villages and hidden rivers or sacred altars and old World War II artillery on a guided hike around Bora Bora’s Mount Otemanu. Take a horseback ride through the wild volcanic valleys or hike through the lush scenery and see the volcanoes.

  1. Bet you have never taken a ‘taxi’ ride like this to your resort

After arriving in Papeete, take a short ferry ride or flight into the diverse archipelagos. Many of the high-end resorts on Bora Bora, Tikehau and Taha’a are only accessible by boat. This is the perfect place to get away from everything, and be perfectly content.

  1. These blue lagoons are nature’s best water parks

Your resort will most likely have a gorgeous swimming pool, but it’s usually empty. Why? Because there is an aquatic playground is right outside your bungalow. You’ll spend a lot of your vacation in the water, on the water, by the water — it draws you in — whether you’re snorkeling in a turquoise lagoon in Bora Bora or take a canoe to a motu (private island) for some time alone.

  1. Beneath the surface is a whole new world waiting to be explored

Tahiti’s lagoons are one of the world’s bucket-list diving and snorkeling locations with a kaleidoscope of fish and coral. Divers come from around the world, as well as schools of fish, rays and sharks from the ocean into the lagoon. Just a short bit away is the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, a big attraction for divers. If you can’t scuba dive, grab some fins, flippers and a mask, some of the world’s best snorkeling destinations.

  1. Embrace the islands’ traditions – you will be moved, literally

Maohi culture and traditions are passed down from generations through stories, music and dance. The biggest celebration is the Heiva festival in July. The Early European explorers  were not sure what to think about the grass skirts and hip shaking—no, not hula dancing— and tried to ban it during the colonial era. Heiva celebrates these traditions. You’ll find it hard not to move your hips to the beat of the drum.

  1. Stop and smell the vanilla.

Did you know that more than 80 percent of the vanilla you use to flavor your coffee  is produced on the island of Taha’a. Vanilla makes its way into many dishes on the islands of Tahiti.

  1. Thousands of spots for a perfect lunch

Have you ever had a motu picnic? Picture a spread that includes fresh guava and pineapple, poisson cru (fish dish), sip wine or beer in the shade of palm trees on an island all to yourself. Most of the resorts will set this experience up for you — blanket, basket and all — with a boat to drop you off and pick you up, just ask and the friendly locals most likely will set everything up for you, with a smile, everything is better in Tahiti.

  1. Nightlife? Not much and that is the beauty of Tahiti

Gaze at the tranquil sunset over the blue Pacific horizon. You can unwind on your deck with a glass of wine and look up at a night sky full of with stars and listen as the waves lap at the shore. This is the opportunity to disconnect from the world around you — and connect with the person you’re with.

How to Choose Between Tahiti or Fiji



  1. You’ll be speaking another language by the end of your trip

It’s not just the weather that’s warm. You’ll feel “maeva” or welcome here in a generous culture that embraces guests. The culture here always welcomes friends old and new, and by the end of your stay you’ll be saying Tahitian phrases, just because

  1. So much paradise to see — you’ll have to come back to discover even more

If you visited Tahiti before, remember, there’s a lot more to see. To experience the hidden gems, you have to get off the grid and do some discovering of your own. Ask your travel team agent for details.

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