10 Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

10 Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Summer is THE BEST!  It is the time for vacations, visiting friends, weddings, relaxing, and a bunch of fun.  Read these tips to help keep you organized and make your trip stress free


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  1. Print out all travel itineraries and reservations to store in one folder (near your suitcase). Consider keeping everything electronic so you can access your reservations easily. If you are travelling internationally, make sure you have your CURRENT passport and any necessary visas, plus copies of them in your travel folder.
  2. Cancel all your “standing” weekly appointments.
  3. Make arrangements for your pets with a pet sitter or a kennel.
  4. Hire a house-sitter if you want someone stay at your home while you are gone or if you have plants that won’t survive in your absence.
  5. Go to USPS.com to place a hold on your mail.
  6. Get your prescriptions refilled and purchase any other items you may need for the particular climate you’ll be in. Keep these on your person rather than checking in your bag.
  7. Pull out your suitcase EARLY (1 to 2 weeks before you leave) so it’s in your line of site and you can start to fill it little by little.
  8. Use a travel packing list to help make sure you take the essentials, and leave behind the non-essentials (that extra pair of shoes, or hairdryer you really don’t need to bring).
  9. Pack clothes that hold up well in a suitcase. If you are travelling for a more formal event, hang your attire upon arrival to let out the wrinkles.
  10. Roll your clothes…you can fit much more in the suitcase than you would with folding.

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