10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad

10 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad

When you travel, it is wise to keep in mind local customs, attitudes and religious beliefs when choosing your outfits for traveling. Aside from being safe, this will also help from offending the locals or looking like a tourist target for theives. Here is a list of 10 things you should probably leave at home when traveling overseas.


Immodest Clothing

tank top

If you are traveling to a country with deep religious views, like the Middle East it is wise to dress conservatively. For women, avoid miniskirts, tank tops, short sleeved shirts and in some places, capri pants. Men should avoid shorts and sleeveless tops in many Middle Eastern countries or when entering a church or other holy place.


Bring along pants and long skirts and bring a shawl to cover up (women), just in case. The general rule is to cover your shoulders, knees and ankles to avoid stares or even being denied entry to certain places.


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Flashy Jewelry


Leave expensive, flashy jewlrey at home. There is no need to impress anyone and you don’t want to look like a target. If you need a little bling, wear costume jewlrey.


Open Toe Shoes and Sneakers


In many parts of the world, sneakers are for sporting activities only. In countries such as Spain and Italy, white tennis shoes are looked down upon, instead wear comfortable leather walking shoes in the city, and keep them polished and in good shape. People will know you are a tourist if you wear white, lace-up tennis shoes.


If you’re traveling anywhere but a beach, it’s generally wise to stick with closed-toe shoes, which can help prevent insect bites or cuts on your toes from gravelly surfaces.



It may be hot, but in some cultures like Indonesia and Vietnam, they don’t wear shorts for everyday walking around. You might want to reserve your shorts for beaches, and not exploring the city.


Religious Imagery, Curse Words or National Flags

It is wise to avoid clothing with religious, military symbols swear words, national flags, and any words or symbols written in a language you cannot translate. You don’t want to spark an emotional debate while on vacation. Leave religious jewelry, even cross necklaces, at home. If you must, wear them under your clothes so they’re not visible to anyone.


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Bright Colors

clothes bright colors

You might want to stick with conservative colors like gray, navy, tan or black. You want to look put together and wear well-fitting clothing. The key is to blend in, not stick out with unwanted attention, so you might want to leave the neon colors at home.


Inappropriate Colors

Stay away from black or blue in central Africa, large biting flies seem to like this color. In parts of Asia, white is the color of funerals and mourning.  Good to keep in mind.



Wear well-fitting and wrinkle free jeans. You also don’t want to wear ripped or baggy jeans, you might look disrespectful if you wear them to churches, mosques, or holy sites.




A large backpack is practical when trekking across Europe or Asia. Make sure to bring a secondary bag like a small fabric tote for everyday touring around cities. Any type of backpack might mark you as tourist and are easy to reach into and steal things from if you wear on your back on a busy train or bus.



tourist camera

Nothing screams tourist like a camera permanently hanging from your neck. Not only do you stand out, but you may also get targeted by thieves. Carry a camera or smartphone that you can fit into your small bag.


Dressing appropriately when traveling helps you fit in with locals, and also protects you from standing out to pickpockets. When in doubt, look at what the locals are wearing. You can also ask your travel team agent for tips and information!


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