10 Reasons You Must Visit New Zealand

10 Reasons You Must Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. It might seem like a long ways away, but if you visit New Zealand it will be one of the most memorable vacations of your life.

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1  Diverse and Amazing Scenery

New Zealand has breathtaking scenery from tropical forest, beautiful beaches, glaciers in the North Island and flat plains and mountains in the South Island. You will also see volcanoes, hot springs; it is such a diverse place.

2  Outdoor Adventures

If you want adventure look no further. You can surf, ski, snowboard, kayak, hiking, sailing, bungee jumping and more. This can be done all within a 100 mile radius and even on the same day!

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3   The People

The Kiwis are very friendly people and also very welcoming. Many different cultures live here, and you have to love their accent.

4  Wildlife


New Zealand split from Australia around 85 million years ago. Because of this, bird and plants are found here that do not exist anywhere else in the world. The forests are full of plant life from ancient kauri trees to nikau palms. If you are lucky you will see the small, flightless bird, the kiwi.

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5  Easy Travel

New Zealand has a great network of roads so it is easy to jump in a car and head on an adventure. Each town has an information center to help travelers if you need directions, travel advice and more. Also the distances between towns and sights is not far.


6  Culture


New Zealand is a blend of cultures. You will see the ethnic diversity everywhere, especially in Auckland. Soak in Maori culture, visit museums, learn the history and more!



7  Wine

You will find world famous wines here. You can visit wineries in Hawkes Bay and Marlborough which are leading wine regions in New Zealand. Don’t miss the top-notch restaurants in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

8  The Small Population

The size of New Zealand is about the size of Great Britain and has around 4.5 people leaving here. It isn’t hard to find complete peace and solitude if that is what you are seeking. Most of the people live it the main cities so there is plenty of open space between the cities.

9 The Safety

The crime rate is very low in New Zealand. It is unlikely to experience crime and is is very safe to travel. There also isn’t any dangerous plants or creatures here, in fact there isn’t even any snakes in New Zealand.

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10  The Amazing Climate

With a temperate climate, the North is the most warmest and coldest in the South. The summers are long and warm and are perfect to spend at one of the great beaches in New Zealand. If you want to enjoy snow activities the winters provide snow in the south for snowboarding and skiing. During Spring and Fall the rain makes beautiful lush green landscape.


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