10 Awesome Travel Apps For Your Next Trip


10 Awesome Travel Apps For Your Next Trip


Part of the fun of travel is learning the sights and sounds of a new place. What if there was a tool that made travel easier, wouldn’t you use it? Having the right apps on your phone can make life on the road a little easier. Here are some awesome travel apps that you may want to download before your next adventure.


1   Pack Point

business packing suit

A packing checklist is a useful tool, what if someone could make that list for you?

All you do is input your destination and travel dates, and PackPoint will create a weather-specific packing list. The app will aks what you plan on doing while you’re there, and will make suggestions based on your answers — so you don’t forget your sneakers if you plan on working out or a business suit if you plan on going to some meetings.


2   WiFi Map

google map tablet

You don’t want to use roaming cell phone data to find a wifi hotspot, that can end up being costly. Use the crowdsourced WiFi Map app highlights hotspots around your current location and provides you with the password to use them.

Make sure to be careful what data you access when you’re connected to public WiFi.

You can also download maps to use offline (so you don’t burn through data looking for that hotspot), and a premium version of the app offers access to a bigger library of locations.


3   Google Translate

This is invaluable when traveling to a different country with a different language.

It can translate 103 different languages, just by typing the text into your phone.

Of those, 59 can be downloaded for access even when you don’t have a data connection, and 38 can be translated by pointing your phone’s camera at a street sign or dinner menu.


4    TravelBank


TravelBank bundles the budgets together, meaning you can fly coach instead of business and eat at nicer restaurants, or take the subway rather than cabs and stay at a nicer hotel.

At the end of the trip, you file an expense report through the app.

If you don’t spend all of your budget you split the savings with your and get a gift card for somewhere like Uber or Airbnb for the remaining funds.


5   Dayuse.com

The Dayuse app allows you to book hotel rooms for the day rather than the evening hours so you can relax, take a shower, or just get some work done.

Rooms are often cheaper than they are at night, and your stay often comes with access to all the same amenities enjoyed by overnight guests.


6   AccuWeather


A great weather app is invaluable. Planning an outdoor adventure or what to wear? This is a great app to help you plan ahead.

AccuWeather is available in more than 100 different languages and provides minute-by-minute forecasts that are hyper-localized.


7   Viber

talk telephone women

Viber allows you to make phone calls using an internet or wifi connection to make calls to other users. Have your friends or family download this app so you can call them for free. You can also call numbers outside of the Viber user network for a fee. You can also send text messages.



8   Uber


Maybe you haven’t used Uber at home but it can come in handy when you are traveling.

Uber is currently in more countries than many other similar transportation services.

In places where you don’t speak the language, the app’s ability to type in your address can help cut down on any confusion between you and your driver.


9   SitOrSquat

The name  might sound silly but The SitOrSquat app is loaded with more than 100,000 public restrooms and can pinpoint the nearest to your location. Bathrooms come with a rating — “Sit” if it is clean, or “Squat” if it’s not.

Users can rate toilets and add new ones to the database, and all locations can be searched by location, rating, whether or not they have a changing table, or whether or not they’re free to use.



10  Citymapper

city train bus

This app is great for most major cities and helps you get around in a large city.

It offers transit maps with real-time departure information as well as disruption alerts and biking and walking directions.

City mapper will also make suggestions on the best train car to be in, as well as what station exit you should take when you arrive at your stop.


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