9 reasons you should Explore Europe on a River Cruise


A European River Cruise is one of the best ways to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and villages that traditional big ships usually can’t access. In addition to this, there are plenty of reason you should take a European River Cruise……

15 Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad


here are so many exciting things to consider when traveling abroad. It is never fun to forget to pack something or to do that important thing and realize it after you are away from home. Before you go on any international trip, use this handy guide to help you remember what you need to do before your trip…

8 Tips For Planning The Best Summer Vacation Ever


It’s the season of summer vacations and here are some great vacation planning tips for staying organized, finding flight deals, packing and staying healthy on the road…

Things To Know Before Travel To Australia

Australia Travel Tips & Facts you Need to Know  kangaroooo

Before you travel to Australia there are some things you should know. Here is a master list of helpful things to know to help you better prepare for you trip to Australia.

Sail The Coasts of Australia or New Zealand

bondi sydney qantas

Did you know you can explore Down Under on an amazing cruise? Get ready to encounter amazing views when you sail the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. There are so many advantages when booking a cruise with a Travel Team Agent…..

Visiting New Zealand – Which Island Should I Visit, North, South, or Both?


New Zealand, with it’s remarkable scenery, endless adventures and pure beauty, the question when visiting is if you should visit the North, South or both! This entirely depends on your travel times. Ideally, you would do both! Each island has unique, individual attractions.

5 Things Passengers Should Never Do


For most pilots, it is truly enjoyable to serve passengers – for the very few who make their jobs difficult, it is probably because the very few did not follow basic rules. Read 5 things passengers should never do and make your next trip their pleasure…

Summer Travel Tips


Summer is almost here — we can’t believe it either! Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer dream vacation. Don’t delay, and to make planning even easier, we have listed some handy planning tips you can use while planning your vacation. Read these Summer Travel Tips and contact a Travel Team Agent to start planning the perfect vacation!

Travel Team Agents Can Book Expedia Rates!


Did you know that Travel Team Agents can book Expedia rates to find you the lowest price? Travel Team Agents use up to 10 different companies to book packages, if Expedia has the lowest price available, we can book it! Travel Team Agents check all prices and …

10 Things Not To Pack on Your Next Trip


Many of us often over pack and with things we may not need. What you don’t pack can be as important as what you do pack. Read this list and it will help you avoid extra fees and hassles when traveling…

10 Famous Hollywood Movies Filmed in Australia

sydney harbor qantas australia opera house

What other country can boast having beautiful beaches, vast deserts, rain forests, stunning mountains and the outback all in one country? With such a diverse and varied landscape, it makes Australia a filmmaker, and vacation lovers dream destination. Read on to discover which famous movies where filmed in Australia, it just might surprise you….

What’s Better? Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online


Online booking has become quite popular in recent years, yet did you know that online booking may not be the best choice for planning your next personal or business trip? Travel agencies have the ability to offer clients incredible savings, upgrades, services, and resources that booking online just can’t….

10 Must Do New Zealand Experiences

queenstown1 new zealand panorama thrifty tour

When planning a trip to New Zealand, you might not know where to begin. Here are 12 Must Do Experiences you have to try during your New Zealand vacation…

New Zealand Airfare Special

New Zealand Airfare Special queenstown-picture-new-zealand-2

Now is the perfect time to book your flights to New Zealand! Take advantage of these great low rates from San Francisco to Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch starting from just $899 per person!

6 Little-Known Places You Must Visit In Australia

el questro kimberly australia

Some of the best things to see and do in Australia are off the beaten track and in a country as vast as Australia. From unusual rock formations to desolate beaches and a little-known wine region – read to discover 6 must visit places in Australia…

10 Things You Must Pack On Your Next Trip

packing clothes

If you think packing for a trip is a chore, this is for you: A list of essentials – the things you must pack and things that are often forgotten, be prepared by sticking to this handy list….

Why You Should Book Your Australia or New Zealand Christmas Holidays Now


Did you know that the peak holiday season for New Zealand is November thru March which coincides with summer? During this time, activities and accommodations can become booked out by locals and visitors alike. Now is the time to book your trips to Australia or New Zealand for the Christmas Season.

10 Unique Spring Traditions From Around The World

tiaare flowers

Around the world, people celebrate the end of the dreary winter weather as they usher in the Spring season with unique festivals and traditions. Some date back thousands of years, while others are fairly new. Read on to learn about these unique Spring traditions around the globe…